All albums are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify. Al Asha Bi Daha is licensed to Iris Music in Greece as a CD under the title of Mian Ki'Allo.

Cape Breton Traditional Style Fiddle Sets with Guitar Tablature is available as a print book as well as in ebook format from Mel Bay Publications or from music stores worldwide.


Orient Express
Alana & Leigh Cline
Al Asha Bi Daha


Cape Breton Fiddle Book

This book is a definitive documentation of Cape Breton-style fiddle music. Techniques specific to the style are touched on and many sets (groups of tunes - listening tunes, dance tunes, or a combination thereof - performed in a specific order) are included. Presented are the melodies, chords, and guitar tablature. 120 pages.

"a very fine collection of original and traditional Cape Breton tunes, and would be of particular interest to those who would like a handy reference for Cape Breton fiddle tunes arranged in dancing and performance sets."

Fiddler Magazine

"this is a fine collection of 78 very playable tunes, useful whether you're an aspiring Cape Breton musician yourself, or interested in Scottish music in general"

Fiddling Around the World